Applied Chemical Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 2006 by a team of Silicon Valley chemists and engineers with over 20 years of experience in research, development and manufacturing of electronic chemicals and specialty materials for other industries.

During the 1980s the Montreal Protocol mandated phase out of ozone depleting compounds. Our passion from the onset has been to create innovative chemistry that helps to protect and sustain our environment. We are committed to providing safe alternative products that offer equal or better performance than the hazardous chemicals they replace. ACL founders have worked with leading electronic and industrial manufacturers to formulate replacements for CFC's and HCFCs in order to meet regulatory requirements. Our domain expertise derived from pioneering efforts in green chemistry has galvanized our formulation strategy. All of our products reduce environmental impact and are benign by design. Our technical staff has been referenced in numerous scientific journals and holds several U.S. and World Organization patents.

Dr. Javad J. Sahbari

Javad Sahbari PhD - CEO & Chairman

Dr. Sahbari is a distinguished scholar in the field of specialty chemicals and has invented hundreds of products used in multiple high tech sectors. He holds over a dozen US patents and numerous World Organization patents on electronic chemicals.

With an extensive background in research and development and product commercialization, Sahbari has held numerous leadership roles, such as CTO, and Research Director, and brings a broad analytical and applications skill set to Applied Chemicals. He has authored numerous papers and publications in the field of manufacturing and semiconductor processing, and developed patents on bio-medical and pharmaceutical specialty chemicals.

Dr. Sahbari is the original founder of Silicon Valley Chemicals in 1989 and grew the business without outside investment capital. When sold, the company had 30 employees and sales of $10 MM. Rohm & Haas paid over $15MM for SVC in 1999.

Dr. Sahbari holds a Doctorate Degree in Chemistry from University of California, Davis.

Gloria Weir

Gloria Weir - Executive VP

Gloria Weir is responsible for leading Applied Chemical Laboratories’ marketing activities, managing customer relationships, assessing new market opportunities and supply chain management. Throughout her career of over 25 years, Weir has played an integral role in product management, strategic partnership management, and product launch marketing at information technology companies. Before joining Applied Chemical Laboratories, Weir served as a strategic partner manager and product manager at venture start-ups Zambeel, Inc. and Storage Way Inc. Previously, she was a director of storage software product management and a partner manager at Hitachi Data Systems.

Gloria attended the University of Hawaii where she earned a BA degree in Sociology, with honors, and an MA degree in American Studies. She also holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from University of San Diego and has taken graduate-level marketing management courses from U.C. Berkeley.